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Bloom silk flowers are recognised as the best, praised by journalists, sought after by interior designers and much loved by homemakers all over the UK. They are crafted with such fine silk that even bees are fooled. The artisans who create them use real plants, rather than photographs, as their models, crafting every flower by hand in up to 40 separate stages, from the painstaking curling of the fabric to the botanical precision of assembling the flower’s anatomy. This effort produces stunning arrangements with a ‘just cut from the garden’ look, perfect in every minute botanical detail. These flowers always look stunning wherever they’re placed, in any light and under any temperature. A single stem is perfect for brightening up a desk and the giant arrangements make fantastic centerpieces.

The Bloom promotion at ACHICA starts at 6.30pm Thursday 30th August and ends at 6.30am Sunday 2nd September
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