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Shakspeare Art Glass

Will Shakspeare blows contemporary glass in his Taunton studio using 24% lead crystal with tools and techniques that essentially haven't changed for 2000 years. All colours are made with oxides such as cobalt blue and cadmium red. He uses powdered colour, chips or colour that has been made into solid rods and, by combining colour in different ways, achieves the effects that can be seen in his designs. Will says of his work process, ‘Hot glass is an amazing material. It can be incredibly frustrating to work with or an absolute joy. In many ways it is an unforgiving material, although you can reheat it as you are working, the bottom line is the piece has to be finished, or thrown away. You cannot stop and have a cup of tea half way through – or a cold beer! Every day I strive for perfection. Some days I feel I get close’.

The Shakspeare Art Glass promotion at ACHICA starts at 6.30am Tuesday 9th October and ends at 6.30am Friday 12th October
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