Chalkboard charm from Zazous & Wallies

If you're anything like me and find yourself scrabbling around your kitchen drawers for a pen and notebook every time you remember something that needs doing, then a chalkboard wall might just come in very handy. Removable and repositionable, chalkboard stickers from Zazous & Wallies can be easily stuck to kitchen surfaces - walls, wood, glass and paper too, without tarnishing the surface. Simply write with chalk and wipe clean with a soft cloth. When you’re bored of the look you can easily peel it off. I love the framed-style chalkboard wall sticker and cup and saucer versions. Children will love scribbling on them too, but make sure they know there's a boundary or you might find your whole room 'Banksy-d up', but not in a good way. Reminds me of a time when I was a child that my mum came home to find my kid brother had drawn all over his bedroom wall with biro and markers (0ldest trick in the book, but he thought he was being original). I stood admiring his gutsy approach, my mum didn't. Ah, my poor mum, if only we'd had these chalkboard wall stickers back then...

And while we're on the subject of wall stickers it's worth noting these pretty designs, also from Zazous & Wallies, which are perfect for a feature wall. There are natural rustic styles, featuring birds and trees, or more urban looks, with eyes, lamposts and railings. And, they're all on promotion at ACHICA today...

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