Designs to shape our future homes – take an exclusive look at Design Lab UK entries

Ever wondered how our future homes will function and what kind of gadgets they'll be filled with? When it comes to casting light on the subject, Electrolux Design Lab has some insight. Every year it holds a worldwide Design Lab competition and asks promising industrial design students to shape the future with innovative designs. As a result, the students have produced some ingenious ideas for gadgets such as a portable dishwasher and composter in one, an induction hob table and a robotic chef that does the cooking and thinking for you. Wouldn't that be lovely after a long day at work!

Before the finalists for Design Lab 2011 are announced, ACHICA Living takes an exclusive look at the talented UK entries. We’ve also bagged a gorgeous AEG Ergorapido to give away to one lucky reader too...

[Picture above: Electrolux 2010 Finalists - 100% Design 2010]

The theme for Electrolux Design Lab 2010 was 'The 2nd Space Age' and the winner was Peter Alwin from National Institute of Design in India, who designed the The Snail, the Micro Induction Heating – a portable form of induction heating that can stick onto the side of pots, pans, mugs etc to heat the contents up using magnetic induction. Smart.

The theme for Design Lab 2011 is ‘Intelligent Mobility’ - to shape how people prepare and store food, clean and do their dishes, both within and beyond the home. In keeping with Electrolux’s heritage, the concepts must reflect Scandinavian Design values, which are sensitive to the environment, providing intuitive ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

The top finalists, which will be announced in the coming weeks, are invited to participate in a final global event in London and present their entries to a jury of high-level designers. Last year the winners were showcased at London’s 100% Design and this year winners will be announced in September. In the meantime, here's an exclusive look at some UK entries. Which one catches your eye?

A-Round by Acedick Masulit (Studied: Product Design at Middlesex University)

A-Round is a portable campfire, grill and steam cooker, which can be used indoors and out. It’s an electric-rechargeable device, which means you would not need coal nor wood, and it can be turned off by a click of your finger. Sound.

Data transmitting fridge by Akinori Asatomi (Studied: Industrial Design at Musashino Art University and Master of Design at Northumbria University)

The round shaped shelf inside this fridge freezer is for food storage and features sliding doors that can be opened from both left and right sides. The glass turns from opaque white to transparent, so you can identify items in the fridge easily. On an outside screen you can see the image inside the fridge and check expiry dates, personalise food and check for recipe ingredients. Nifty.

Maximug by Calum Coombs

Using wireless electricity technology, this portable drinking kettle gives you hot water anytime, anywhere.
The transmitter contains a retractable plug and fits neatly in the top of the lid. The current temperature of the contents is displayed on the viewing panel via a semi transparent OLED screen while the desired temperature is controlled by and displayed on the touch sensitive bezel around the lid. By only containing the volume for one drink and only needing to be heated to the desired temperature once, it avoids excessive heating for drinks that will not be drunk. Smart.

Outdoor refrigerator by Anthony Moles Bright (Studied: Product Design Engineering at Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art)

Perfect for entertaining outside, this outdoor refrigerator features power outlet plugs, so that it can act as a hub for electric appliances, which may be required when preparing the food outside. The fridge can also be powered from a car battery so you can use it on camping trips too. The front door of the fridge is push to release. Bright.

S bin by John Curtis (Studied: Product Design and Engineering at Middlesex University)

The S bin is a closed waste storage system, which solves common waste issues. It decreases the amount of times needed to empty the rubbish, stops the smell and stops the common problem of the liquid dripping from the rubbish bag. Ingenious.

Fumo by James Elderton (Studied at Loughborough University)

Fumo is a single cooking device that’s designed to make cooking easy and inspire its users to create more exciting food. It has three main functions; slice, steam and blend. Sorted.

Which one is your favourite? To find out more about the entries and the Design Lab awards 2011 click onto the Electrolux newrooms blog

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