Interview: Artist Natasha Law (yes, sister of Jude!) on prints, people and Peckham

There’s more to artist Natasha Law than her  famous and very handsome little brother Jude Law. A Londoner born and bred, Natasha studied at Camberwell College of Arts and now lives in Peckham. We caught up with her over a glass of wine to find out what rules at the School of Law...

Natasha Law's art is a bold, graphic take on the female form. Among her accolades, she has designed fashion week invites for Mulberry (SS2011), shot glasses for W Hotel’s Wyld night club and make-up packaging for Jemma Kidd. She has collaborated with Stella McCartney and counts Jo Wiley and Kim Cattrall amongst her fans. She is partner to scriptwriter Fintan Ryan and mum to Edie, Ondine and Marlowe. We caught up with Natasha and got a little insight into what makes her tick...

[Above: Natasha Law print]

Natasha Law on influences

These range from 60's artists such as Tom Wesselmann and John Baldessari to Japanese artists such as Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara, and illustrators like Alan Aldridge.

[Image: Takashi Murakami from New Yorker Magazine]

Natasha on her favourite print

I have a small Ellsworth Kelly print that I absolutely love and will never ever get tired of looking at it - it's perfect with simple shapes and colour.

Natasha on models 

I like using people I've got a relationship with as models and getting images of them that try to capture their individual qualities. I like the facial expressions and shapes we make when we're not so self-conscious.

Natasha on what makes her tick 

I need deadlines to really get a body of work together and completed. Without them I could happily drift away into distraction.

Natasha on inspiration 

The female form is something I like working with because even when I reduce it to something very flat and graphic it still has emotional resonance. It is something I'm familiar with from the inside but equally it is a desirable 'other'.

Natasha on art 

I've never stopped working and drawing - all through school I studied art. Even when I left and did an academic degree, I carried on to keep myself happy.

I never thought: 'I'm going to be an artist.' There was no money around and not many jobs either. You worked at whatever you could to cover rent and meanwhile made your work. The first time I thought that I could perhaps live from my art was after my first show at Eleven.

I tend to beat myself up about things rather than feeling proud. I still feel hugely privileged that I get to come into my studio every day.

Natasha on fashion 

I’ve never been tempted to go into fashion design. I've done the odd collaboration but it's always been in the form of supplying an image to be applied to a piece. I have no talent for thinking up patterns for clothes.

My favourite outfit is a black silk APC dress – it can do for day or evening and has sorted me out on several occasions.

In terms of fashion advice, I'd really like to say get dressed without a mirror – it’s much better to carry on with how you imagine you look.

[Image above: Natasha Law's If Poems]

Natasha on creativity 

I'm glad my kids think it's totally possible to be a writer, artist or actor, but have to leverage that a bit sometimes with the laws of probability.

Natasha on what gets her out of bed in the morning

My alarm and the need to get the kids off to school!

I'm an obsessive runner - I go nearly every day and I love that time to myself.

I love little things like being with my family, or sneaking off with my partner Fintan for the occasional film in the afternoon, also seeing friends.

Natasha on Peckham

I love Peckham. The mix of people - art students, families, different cultures all mixed up together. Frank’s bar, the lido down the road, the Rye in the summer, great cafes like SLG (pictured above). I have so many friends living locally and it has that village feel because you bump into people all the time.

Natasha on her own home

My home is a work in progress; it was meant to end up with lots of nice white space but right now it's more of a building site. I wouldn't dream of handing out interiors advice - I change my own mind too often so there's no point.

Natasha on the last thing she bought

The last thing I bought was a Dandy brush cleaner (below). A friend told me about it and it has revolutionised my brush cleaning habits!

Natasha on entertaining

Dinner parties to me mean a collection of good friends; I might make baked salmon with chilli and amazing Ottolenghi green couscous with a yoghurt thing on the side – and listen to The Make Up, Jacques Brel, Neil Young, the Stones, Paolo Conte…


Natasha on what she can't live without 

My American Apparel underwear, my Converse and a hair band.



Natasha Law has designed a limited-edition set of dining plates for Zizzi restaurants.  The bespoke plates will be available to buy from Zizzi from 16th November with proceeds being donated to The Prince’s Trust.

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