Top 5 gift ideas for children

By now you’ve probably received your 'Dear Father Christmas' letters from the kids and while items like spaceships and magic shoes may have already made the list, here are some suggestions you also might like to consider. They're all from Great Gizmos and available at ACHICA this week.

Young scientists as well as adventure seekers will love Great Gizmos Dinorobot Robot making kit. The set contains an outer body casing for the robot, inner mechanical engine and detailed instructions. They'll love watching their Dinobot come to life.

Your little one will be helping you in the kitchen as soon as they master the art of moulding and painting their own own cupcakes first. This fab kit comes with magnets, moulds and paint...Lorraine Pascale, eat your heart out.

Kids and adults alike will be amazed at how this tiny pin hole refracts and captures light rays to produce real photos. It may not take the best photos in the world, but they are definitely interesting.

If your kids loved Harry Potter then they'll love building their own medieval castle brick by brick. If that wasn't enough, the whole family can get involved in bringing the small figures to life.

What may look like a set of board games are actually a clever way of making maths fun. Test your child's skills by using the monkey and his clever tools.

To see the full range from Great Gizmos, shop at ACHICA.

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