Pampering priorities: Top tips to care for towels

Wrapping yourself in a soft and sumptuous towel after a hot shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. Been there, done that. But to make sure your towels feel and look luxurious after every bath time, follow these easy top tips...

1. It's a no brainer but always wash new towels before using them. While we all like the scent of freshly laundered linens, fabric conditioners can be detrimental to your towels so use it sparingly in your wash. They reduce the towel’s absorbency, so instead use scented linen spray to give it an extra burst of freshness after the wash.

2. If you catch your towel on the edge of something and pull the pile don't keep pulling to make it worse. Snip the stray pulled loop with a pair of scissors.

3. Choose towels with Egyptian or Turkish cotton and bamboo. These are thirsty fabrics, which means they are more absorbent and will dry you (and themselves) much quicker.

4. If the weather is good, dry your towels outside to give them extra freshness, but don't be tempted to iron them as this can make them stiff and scratchy and less absorbent.

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