Top 5 fabulous flower arranging tips

You don't have to be green fingered or a professional florist to create beautiful floral arrangements. Follow our simple tips and you'll be able to create stunning displays for your home in no time at all...

1. Before placing flowers in vase, cut the stem at an angle using a sharp floral cutter or scissors. A fresh cut will help the stem absorb water and last longer once in the vase. Always cut the stems longer than you need to begin – you can always trim them later on when you start the arrangement.

2. Keep as much foliage and leaves away from the stems and don’t let them fall or sit in the water. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and lengthen the life of the blooms.

3. Take some thin sticky tape and create a criss cross grid across the mouth of the vase. This creates sections for you to insert your flowers and prevents them from flopping to one side or over the rim.

4. Fill your vase with water and start arranging the flowers – use the taller flowers in the centre and use the larger more ‘in bloom’ flowers around the sides. Check your vase from all angles and use smaller flowers to flesh out the arrangement. You will notice that the trimmed stems that you cut at the same angle will give a uniformed and professional look. To get the best results mix multiple types of flowers, colours and shapes this gives the display texture and drama.

5. Add one or two drops of bleach to the water in the vase to slow down the bacteria growth. Change the water every two days to help preserve the life of the flowers.

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