Creative Lighting: Feed your imagination with Innermost designs

Lighting and furniture brand Innermost have been producing innovative lights and working with leading designers since 1999. The brand has become renown for the unique originality of their collections.

We visited founder Russell Cameron at their showroom based in the Oxo Tower on London's Southbank. The showroom epitomises the company’s creativity, filled with lights, each as unique as the next, and complete with an up-lit bar and a propped up canvas that serves as a sofa.

6Founder Russell Cameron

Steve Jones and Russell Cameron both began as product designers working in London. They knew a number of other designers in the city who were working on great designs but had no easy way to realise the products and sell them. “We wanted to do something about that,” says Russell. In 1999, Innermost was born.

Innermost design many products in-house, as well as working with independent designers.

“We actively look for innovation in the many design shows around the world,” says Russell, “and now we get design submissions sent to us every week. As we want to be surprised, we want to be tested, we tend not to commission work.”

quote1When asked what they look for in a lighting design, Russell answers: “Quite simply, innovation.  Anyone can design a nice light, but if it doesn't do something original, or it’s not made in a clever way or with unusual materials, then it’s just a nice light - it's not an Innermost light.”

contemporary-table-lampsShowroom window display; Asteroid Pendant Lights; Asteroid Table Lamp Petrol Glass

One popular product within their collections is the Canvas Chair by YOY. Although not a lighting item, Innermost could not resist the uniqueness of this design when they spotted it at the Satelliti event in Milan. The chair or sofa is simply an image on canvas, propped against a wall, with the functionality for sitting down in it comfortably. It was the complete originality of the design that drew their attention, and Innermost launched the product just five months after spotting it.

innermost_canvas_3-movers-webCanvas Chair by YOY for Innermost

“The spark of imagination that leads to a great design can come from anywhere,” says Russell. “We hope that what we create then goes on to influence others. For example, we have a Europe-wide Community Registered Design for Canvas because it's a concept that has not been seen before.”

yoylightmain2_1YOY lights by YOY for Innermost

post-template-innermsotGlaze by Corinna Warmfor Innermost

“Right now my favourite designs in our collections are YOY and Glaze," says Russell. YOY is a lamp that projects a semblance of a classic lampshade onto the wall and Glaze is a pendant light seemingly made of porcelain and metal designed by Corinna Warm. "They’re perfect examples of everything Innermost.”

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