Making minimalist living warm with Studio Simple

Drawing the fine line between minimalist and stark can be difficult when decorating; it's a careful balance of form and function whilst maintaining a sense of warmth. Design duo Ann Vereecken and Jeroen Worst, founders of Studio Simple, have got this unique aesthetic down to a fine art, making simplicity in design liveable and cosy.

While creating interior concepts for their clients, Ann and Jeroen also handcrafted objects to make each scheme more personal. This led to an entire accessory collection with Belgium-based Serax, inspiring the name Studio Simple. Perfectly embodying their philosophy, the core idea behind the collection is the need to create objects for daily life that are logical, simple and beautiful.

Here are some tips inspired by Studio Simple's collections for achieving warm minimalism.

Opt for handmade

Choosing items with an artisan feel and good craftsmanship will personalise your space with an organic quality and give it a sense of narrative. "It's important is to show the hand of the maker," says Ann and Jeroen. "Through this aspect, people can identify themselves with the object more easily, which ensures it becomes personal and makes it something to treasure"

Introduce natural finishes

Natural finishes of wood and stone and tactile textures of linen or cotton have an organic warmth to them which will show in your interior. Ann and Jeroen are passionate about local production and using nearby resources for their designs.

"Making minimalism feel warm depends on the right combination of materials," says Ann. "Working in close harmony with our environment helps to simplify the crafting process, but it does require you to stretch your creativity to really make a design unique... which is always good!"

Choose items with a balance of form and function

Overly-stylised items that favour form over function won't give your space that liveable feel. You want to source objects that don't sacrifice usability for aesthetic appeal, so assess every piece before you add it to your scheme, asking if it has a use in your home. "We work in the following order, first comes function, then simplicity and lastly comes aesthetics. Almost always this comes in a natural flow!" says Ann and Jeoren. "Every aspect of the design tells the other how to follow and vice/versa... and of course an open mind helps."

Maintain an element of femininity 

Minimalist interiors often call for a monochrome palette, sharp angles and simple forms without a lot of decorative touches, but it's important to keep a sense of softness and an aspect of femininity alive in your decor. Whether it's with a textured canvas, a copper mirror or reflective gold coffee table, introducing colour and texture will make the look homely. As a design duo, Ann and Jeoren bring different design qualities to their pieces; "We live as one together and quite a lot of are qualities are shared. But of course we each bring different aspects, whilst my focus is more related towards the practical, technical aspects, Ann brings in the more tactile and sensitive qualities," says Jeoren.

Use mood lighting 

Pared back lighting is the perfect way to warm up bare walls and minimalist schemes. Opt for a mix of exposed bulbs and metal shades to distribute shapes of light around your room. Ann and Jeroen's designs are inspired by the need to find solutions where there are problems. "Most of the time we're addressing questions we encounter in our own lives. Beside this, nature helps us to be inspired every day, as does encounters with positive places and people," says the duo. "At this moment the black and brass hanging lamps for Serax are our favourites, but we’re always exited for what’s coming up next!"

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