Love the look? How to work Eastern Fusion in your home

As Chinese New Year celebrations begin, we take a look at the best ways to make Eastern style work with contemporary British design and the modern home. Like the cuisine, the art of Eastern Fusion at home combines delicate nuances of Asia's rich culture with the sleek, no-frills aesthetic of contemporary décor to create a tranquil space that demands relaxation and is designed to inspire.


Natural materials will work to instant effect. An antique bamboo chair or a jade-look vase will offset a modern room, while classic Chinese ceramics in blue and white are perfect for incorporating Eastern elements into a more traditional scheme.
Sabaa Basket | Small Painted Flower Vase | Large Ebru Lantern


Lacquered tables and satin-effect murals finished with gold threads will transport your home. Introduce furniture in tropical hardwoods with a glossed-effect for a classic, Imperial sense of luxury and modernise with accents in marble and steel.


Accents are key to achieving this look. Paper lanterns and painted urns will give a feel of elegance. Art also plays a big role in Eastern interiors - for a modern aesthetic choose minimalist watercolours that will give a sense of tranquility or stenciled prints featuring Chinese letters.


Tall Artificial Orchid Branch | The Great Wave at Kanagawa Canvas | Hanna Ceramic Jar


There are two classic palettes to choose from if you want to achieve an Eastern fusion in your interior. Bright reds and primary colours are great for complementing mid-century oak furniture, while soft shades of jade and pink will work well with a white base.


Classic Oriental-style furniture often features simple shaping with delicate detailing, perfect for incorporating into a contemporary decor. Make a statement with a bright Chinese cabinet or ceramic lattice-work stool in an unusual shade. You can also re-work modern, low-rise furniture by pairing floor coffee tables with cushion seats and screen dividers to create a modern, zen-like space.

Kimiko Console Table, Red  | Oriental Set of 2 Chests, White | Kyoto Double Door, Single Drawer Cabinet, Black


Asian interiors are hugely inspired by nature, and patterns are a great way to introduce these into your home. You can choose something classically-Oriental with a wall of cherry blossoms, or opt for something more quirky with a pattern of koi fish and waves.

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[Image Credits: Architectural Digest China; My Domaine; Room Lust; The Lust List]

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