Home Detox: Organise, declutter and re-balance your home

Kick off 2017 to a great start by decluttering, organising and re-balancing your home. January is the perfect time to give your interior a refresh, and a tranquil and calm home will soon start to reflect in your lifestyle this year too.

Finding the time to organise every corner of your home can seem impossible, so instead, write up your own 'to-do' calendar and dedicate fifteen minutes each free day to sorting out a section of your home, whether it's the medicine cabinet, the mail pile or the sock drawer. Soon enough you'll start to feel the balance return to your home as you get each space organised. Here are a few places to begin.

Give the utility room a refresh

Utility rooms tend to be small areas without lots of floor space, so you have to be smart with storage. Utilise walls with floating shelves and baskets for pegs and other items; try re-purposing an old shower tray for dumping dirty wellies; and sort the laundry pile with light and dark baskets. If you don't have a utility room and your washing machine sits in the kitchen, clear the top of garish detergent bottles and decant instead into glass jars which will give a much sleeker, harmonious look.

Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging your furniture can instantly change the feel of your room. When changing your layout, make sure not to block windows or plugs and try to not push seating up against walls. The main principles of feng shui focus on balance, and creating an arrangement that flows. Position furniture in an open way that welcomes family and interaction, for a relaxed space with a happy energy.

Update your set of bed linen 


Make your bedroom feel brand new with a fresh set of bed linen. High thread count sheets will enhance your levels of comfort and a fresh bedspread and cushions will bring a renewed sense of harmony to your sleeping sanctuary.

Set aside an area for creativity

Keep hobbies and work separate from the rest of the home by allocating them a designated area. This will allow the rest of the house to be enjoyed for relaxing, without the constant reminder of unfinished tasks. Get creative with storage and use old jars for pencils and brighten up walls with some art for inspiration.

Organise your drawers 

Drawer organisers are a homeowners' best friend. They will restore the sense of balance in every room, ideal for bathrooms, make-up drawers, crafts, stationery and the kitchen. Opt for clear trays to keep it looking sleek and try colour-coordinating items in each section for a pleasing aesthetic every time you open your drawer.

Finally tackle the shed

Stop the fear of frequenting the shed and make it a mission this year to get it organised. Metal peg boards can be bought cheaply second-hand (or easily handmade for the crafting type) and are the perfect storage solution for tools - they're also ideal for craft rooms too!

[Image Credits: Fall For DIY; No Home Without You; Sheer Luxe; Style Me Pretty; Thanks, I Made It]

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