Concrete Appeal: Don’t be afraid to style the stone

Forget granite, marble and slate - this seasons' must-have material is concrete. This cement-based stone has a raw beauty and is the ultimate finish for giving your scheme that urban edge. Whilst it has ample amounts of design appeal, as we have learnt from Brutalist forerunners, it can lack a little warmth. Discover our guide to styling stone and keep your home looking inviting whilst keeping your cool.

Pair it with blush tones

Give concrete a feminine touch by pairing it with a warm palette of blush tones and nudes. This can be achieved with soft furnishings and pastel accessories or you can give concrete mixes a pink undertone by adding more water - the perfect way to work that loft look in the bedroom.

Mix it with marble

Perfect style partners, marble and concrete go hand in hand together. Bathrooms, kitchens, living areas - this combo works for any space with the glossy finish of marble bringing a touch of elegance and refinement to concrete backdrops.

Make it shine with metallics

As concrete isn't the most luxe of materials it can stand to be given a little metallic upgrade. Accessories and lamps trimmed with gold, silver or copper will highlight a side table and brighten up a grey-heavy pallette.

Soften with texture

Exposed concrete floors have raw natural beauty, but they can feel and look cold. Add a warm tactile touch by layering with sheepskin rugs, flatweaves and leather upholstery that will add texture and stop your space looking flat.

Take it outdoors

If you're not up for having concrete inside, you can easily work the trend in your garden. The soft grey tones will give outdoor spaces a sense of tranquility and can be made comfortable with vibrant Mediterranean-style seat cushions - a stylish, zero-maintenance option for patio areas.

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[Image Credits: Bloomingville; Est Magazine; Savaree; String; World of Bea]

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