Secrets to steal from hotel beds

What makes the difference between a good night’s sleep and a luxurious sleep? Over decades in the industry of overnight guests, the world’s top hotels have perfected the secrets of a sumptuous sleep and the perfect bed – and it’s more than just the pillow chocolate.

Made to your tastes

Luxury hotels are well aware of the importance of customising guests’ beds to personal sleeping preferences. All top hotels now offer pillow menus, often with extensive styles available, and many hotels offer premium services of customisation. Upon arrival at the Four Seasons, for instance, guests are asked their mattress topper preference – plush, soft, firm or supportive.

The frame counts

“A bed is a long term investment,” says Sabah Smith, the Executive Housekeeper for The Dorchester Hotel in London. “My advice would be to avoiding compromising when buying a bed.”

Many hotels have recently introduced signature beds – with each portion of the bed selected with precision by the hotel, from bed frame to top covers. The W Hotel chain’s signature bed comes with a 13-inch luxury mattress; the Marriott’s has a nine-inch box spring frame; and the Ritz-Carlton have coil-technology mattress toppers that keep you cool while sleeping.

Mattresses for all backs

The Charles Hotel, a luxury Rocco Forte hotel in Munich, say a hotel mattress “has to be a mattress that fits everyone’s needs. It also has to be durable. Before deciding on our mattresses, we tested the bed with different team members to ensure that everybody would have the most comfortable sleep.” The hotel’s new premium “Majesty” mattresses are double pocket-sprung, which are point-elastic to ensure even distribution of bodyweight.

The Dorchester says they were keen to select a supplier that “believed in the art of living and the art of sleeping.” The three key things they looked for were optimum comfort, perfect balance and support. “Our beds are the hand sprung Vi-Spring, ‘the Rolls-Royce of mattresses’. They’re filled with a mixture of lamb’s wool, silk and mohair which makes the mattress more breathable,” says Smith.

Relyon supply mattresses to small boutique and large premium hotels across the UK. They produce the only Fira Gold Standard Award Contract Bed Collection. “This is the most comprehensive and demanding test regime for contract quality beds,” says David Wescomb, Brand Director for Relyon.

The brand offers their hotel customers three different handmade pocket-sprung beds to give hotels the choice to select the right comfort levels required. “We want to provide support and comfort that will turn hotel rooms into sanctuaries,” says Wescomb.

Be picky with your pillow

Nearly all higher range hotels now offer a pillow menu. The right pillow is crucial to a good night’s sleep, so being prepared to give customers options with their pillow can make all the difference. While the Charles Hotel’s standard pillows are feather and polyester, available on their pillow menu are cherry stone pillows, spelt pillows, neck rolls, neck pillows and horsehair pillows.

The Dorchester’s most luxurious pillows on offer are the Muhldorfer Premium Down pillows, which are filled with the finest luxury down. At Westin Hotels, every bed comes with two feather and down pillows, two hypo-allergenic pillows on top, and finished with a boudoir pillow.

Bedding to dream about

Slipping into a luxurious hotel bed, one of the first things guests notice is the quality of the smooth sheets. “Always go for the finest quality,” recommends the Dorchester “Our bedlinen is 100% luxury cotton, sateen weave, 420 thread count.” As well as opting for a high tread count, many hotels top their luxury sheets with extra layers. At the W hotel, many beds come topped with a cashmere throw and at the Westin, a down blanket. And of course, we should hope, a little chocolate.

[Image credits: The Charles Hotel; The Dorchester; The Westin; The Westin]

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