5 designer tricks for styling a summer bedroom

As seasons change, our décors do too. With summer approaching, it's time to swap out the bed linen for something lighter, draw back the curtains and let in the sun. Discover the secret tricks interior designers use when styling their own bedrooms and keep your space feeling fresh, even on those hot, balmy evenings.


First things first - time to peel back the flannel sheeting from winter and make the bed afresh with a new set of covers. The moisture-absorbing properties of linen mean it keeps you cool, dry and comfortable, whatever the weather. The ultimate investment for your bedding cupboard too, unlike cotton, linen only gets better with age, becoming softer wash after wash.


The easiest way to transition your décor from winter to spring, is to introduce an injection of colour in the form of soft furnishings. This season's must-have shades are blush and a soft sky blue, which will work to lift the look of common base hues like grey and taupe.


The difference between a designer boudoir and the average bedroom is the use of light. Take down the curtains and let natural light flood into your space and bring new elements of beauty to your room. For privacy you can add a soft voile, but keep pinned back to really soak up the sun.


Bring the flourishing nature of summer indoors and accent your room with bouquets of flowers and plants. Not only do they look great, but some indoor plants can actually work as air purifiers too such as the snake plant - the perfect excuse for purchasing that new designer pot.

Beach whites

While it's great to introduce pops of colour - coral, peach and blush - a palette of whites are what help you achieve that real beach house look. Try to choose natural fabrics and finishes that will bring a soft coastal feel and let you sink into relaxation.

[Image Credits: Dorma;  Fashion Me Now; Oh Eight to Oh Nine; The Lovely Drawer]

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