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It's time to upgrade your travel itinerary and start packing for your best holiday ever. These luxe locations swap pool relaxing for swimming with elephants and trade in the hotel buffet for fresh orecchiette at a Michelin star castle - positively dreamy.

Costa Rica, Central America

With hundreds of beaches to choose from and a never-ending list of excursions, it's no surprise Costa Rica was voted the happiest country in the world. The locals lucky enough to call this little corner of paradise home embrace the 'pure life' of relaxation, basking in the natural allure of Central America. Kayaking, bathing under waterfalls, living it up in a jungle treehouse... Costa Rica offers it all and leaves you no option but to smile. And the coffee's pretty good too.

Nepal, South Asia

With striking mountain views, deep valleys and pristine snowy peaks, Nepal's Himalayan backdrop is breathtaking to say the least. Scattered with multi-coloured prayer flags, Nepal offers wanderlust fulfilment in spades - from bathing with elephants in Chitwan National Park or birdwatching in Koshi Tappu to scenic mountain trails and ancient Buddhist monasteries - if it weren't for the crisp mountain air, it could all be a little overwhelming.

Caratgena, Columbia

Located on Colombia's Caribbean coast, Cartagena is exploding with colour and culture. A sun-soaked fishing village, the place is bursting with diversity, from the winding cobble streets in the Old Town to the bustling night life and street art in the Getsemaní neighbourhood. Be prepared to indulge in a vibrant culmination of food, art and music, and try the best seafood you've ever had.

Bolivia, South America

Bolivia's peerless natural beauty makes it the most dreamy of escapes, and not to mention the most Instagram-able. With an otherworldly, heavenly feel that you can't help but sink into, it offers a balance of bustling community life and limitless wildlife. Get stuck in with the locals at a street parade, bask in the glow of the salt flats and then finish the day watching in awe as flamingos drink from the red waters of Laguna Colorada.

Puglia, Italy

With 500 miles of coastline, Puglia gives you that slice of country life without feeling like you're completely pitched up in the sticks. Located in southern Italy, this once-provencal town is now a tourist hot-spot with people flocking to sunbathe amongst its whitewashed hilltop towns, explore the medieval quarters and sample the delectable Italian menus.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The newest front-runner for your fantasy honeymoon location,  Zanzibar's beaches are some of the most enviable in the world. The white sands and pure turquoise waters are pretty heavenly, dotted with palm trees and luxury Mauritius-style spas. Visit for excessive amounts of relaxation, hours of barefoot walking and soaking up the sun - sounds tough!

Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is India's most flamboyant asset (and that's saying something.) A colourful place fairytales are made of, there's something magical around each corner - from palaces and forts to the dessert in the north west. Head to the capital Jaipur and get lost in The Pink City, marvel at the Mughal architecture or simply wander and soak in the superfluous rush of colour and vivacity in one of the outdoor markets.

Hjelle, Norway 

Perfectly picturesque, this idyllic spot is drowning in natural beauty. A charming and romantic village in the heart of Norway, the unspoiled views look almost fake (almost) and practically poetic. Take a slow guided walk to see the Nigardsbreen glacier and finish with a traditional meal overlooking the valley - don't forget your camera!

[Image Credits: Carla Coulson; Carve Designs; In Green; Paul Mariano; Sunsurfer; Travel Brochures; Visit Norway; White Trek]

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