House Tour: A modern timber chalet with scenic meadow views

Perched on the edge of the Hainich National Park in Germany are the Hainichhöfe: six picture-perfect little chalets which sit nestled amongst wild flowers, overlooking the scenic views of the Thuringian basin. The largest unbroken stretch of deciduous forest in Germany, the Hainich National Park is situated between Frankfurt and Berlin, home to sprawling meadows and fresh air you wish you could bottle and take home.

Founded by Stephanie Fett, a business manager and financial book-keeper by trade, along with the help of local investors, the idyllic Hainichhöfe chalets give you that feel of rusticity you'd expect from a cabin stay but with a modern air and a boutique feel. Celebrating the beauty of nature, the design is inspired by the surrounding fields - from its exterior right through to its unique décor.


All six chalets are built entirely by local Thuringian companies - from the windows to the furniture - so have a beautiful homespun charm to them. Each one was first pre-assembled using a beautiful golden timber and then installed on the plot using screw-in foundations which also act as sun spot decks that wrap around each house.

Echoing the fresh feel from outside, inside, the chalets are designed to be easy on the eye... and the mind. Spacious, bright and modern, there's 70m2 of living space to comfortably accommodate four, all in a light bare timber from the ceiling to the floor. It's the perfect combination of cosy and Scandi-style simplicity with an understated sense of cool.


Mid-century seating and tables give the open living space that sense of interior design credibility you'd hope for, while the rest of the furnishings are purpose-selected to promote uninterrupted relaxation. Low-slung lighting and an open fireplace encourage conversation; a soft palette of white, green and pink mirror the hues of the meadow; while the L-shaped terrace ensures sunshine can be enjoyed from almost every angle.




Together with Claudia Fischer, expert interior designer whose modern manner is at home in each cabin, Fett offers visitors a bespoke, customised service - from afternoon cookery courses to breakfast deliveries to your door and bike rentals for exploring the beauty of the countryside by pedal.

This house is featured in Holiday Architecture: Selection 2017 by Jan Hamer and Christine Pfau, published by Urlaubs Architektur Imprint.

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