The right way to style sheepskin

Sheepskin is everywhere. If it's not draped over a chair, it's a rug on the floor. We just can't get enough. But why is it so popular? Interior archives show sheepskin traditionally used for practicality out in the country, but with their new-found appeal they've since been appearing everywhere - from hotels to designer homes where sheepskin spells luxury. We show you how to style it yourself for a more refined space, so it's a little less country and a little more chic.

Texture party

Faux or real, there are a multitude of sheepskin types, which when layered gives that more premium look, offering different breadths of texture and tactility. Icelandic, longwool, curly shortwool - there are so many striking options. You can match a few of the same or layer for a contrast. Trust us, you'll have no trouble finding more than one you want to buy.


Longwool Sheepskin Bean Bag, Taupe | Shortwool Curly Sheepskin Cushion, Off White | Longwool Icelandic Sheepkin Seat Cover

Laidback moment
Formal settings need a plush touch to make them feel more inviting, which makes sheepskin the perfect addition to entertaining rooms. They're the ideal soft solution for modern leather sofas or structured armchairs - just place and watch how it instantly mellows the mood.1-sheepskin-products
Longwool Sheepskin Cushion, Vole | Longwool Sheepskin Cushion, Platinum | Longwool Sheepskin Cushion, Dark Rose
Pull up a stool1-sheepskin-stool
Sheepskin stools are the new stylist crush in the world of interiors. They require zero effort or redecorating, they go with just about everything and they're actually comfortable. Use in country kitchens to give islands a glam retouch, or in your living room to chic-up a shabby sofa.1-productsss
Ffion Baa Stool, Navy | Griff Baa Bar Stool, Slate Grey | Judy Baa Stool, Cerise
Grey craze

There's something about grey. Was it Kelly Hoppen and her new neutral palette or just the need for something to replace magnolia? We're not sure, but what we do know is the grey craze is not just that. The shade works to cool-up any space, and sheepskin is no exception. Shades of silver, platinum or mink, are a great design trick for updating un-trendy seating or old carpet.


Super Premium Longwool Quarto Sheepskin Rug, Platinum | Premium Longwool Double Sheepskin Rug, Steel | Super Premium Longwool Sheepskin Rug, Platinum
Colour me different

Slightly odd, disparate in a directional way, coloured sheepskin is THE thing you need to add to your home this year. Play it safe with soft shades like blush pink, duck egg blue or taupe or give floorboards the bold new friend they were looking floor with a dramatic sheepskin rug in an audacious shade of russet orange or tasman blue.


Simple Sheepskin Rug, Navy | Simple Sheepskin Rug, Russet | Simple Sheepskin Rug, Tasman
[Image Credits: Bloomingville; Domino; FTGU Renovations; Griffiths Design Studio]

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