Trend alert: Discovering macaramé with Createaholic founder Fanny Zedenius

Homespun décor is still having its day and this new interior trend is no exception to the boho tribe. Meet macramé, the craft you can actually do. The art of creative knotting, macramé is the latest nostalgic throwback to explode back onto the scene, with its minimalist approach. So we sat down with the Instagram expert on all things knots to find out just how to do it. We may need more rope...

Pioneering the return of macramé and proving crafting is cool is fibre artist Fanny Zedenius, the creative mind behind the popular Instagram account Createaholic (16.9k followers and counting!). This is where she discovered macramé and her passion for knotting.  "When I saw macramé it was like something just clicked - I almost felt like I had never seen anything as beautiful. I simply had to try it out, and so I found illustrations of how to tie some macramé knots on Pinterest and made my very first plant hanger. "

From wall hangings to plant holders, the possibilities are endless in the wonderful world of macramé. And it's easy too. "Like for so many others, those first knots were all it took to get me completely hooked and I soon abandoned all other crafts and dedicated my Instagram account fully to macramé" says Zedenius. Her designs are so popular she now has her own webshop where you can buy your own custom piece.

"I hear it all the time, people describe macramé as something very addictive and I think this has to do with the fact that knotting is a very meditative activity. I lose myself in it in a way I never could with knitting for example, and that I think has to do with the fact that you just use your hands, no needles or any other tools. "

Macramé offers the perfect balance of artisanal charm and that hipster-esque aesthetic everyone is coveting. But where do you start? Zedenius recommends a plant hanger. "This is the best first project to try out as a beginner. Once you've mastered the knots to make a plant hanger, you can more easily begin to understand how to make other projects."

Hanging plants is the interior trend that's here to stay and making one yourself means you can tailor it to your décor. "Plant hangers go hand in hand with plants, and any modern home these days should host a lot of plants. You can use macramé plant hangers to make an otherwise boring space into an eye catching one by hanging plants in a window, from a hook in the ceiling or even on the wall."

"Next step should be to add a wall hanging somewhere in your home" Zedenius recommends. "You should think of the wall hanging as any kind of wall art or decoration you can hang above your sofa or bed. Having the plant hanger and the wall hanging in the same room creates an extra effect, especially if the pieces match."

While art can be pricey, macramé is the millennial solution to bare walls. "Macramé in itself is very diverse, with endless variations in designs and styles. So consider what kind of design you think would go best with your specific space" says Zedenius. "Is the room already full of colours and details? Then adding a piece in white and geometric patterns may help to add a bit of calm. If your space is already very minimalistic with a lot of white and neutral colours, then adding a colourful piece that is more bold in design, would help give the space that extra wow feeling!"

As a Swedish designer, Zedenius says that while her Scandinavian heritage may attribute to her inclination for neutral colours and geometrical patterns, she thinks the beauty of macramé is the scope it gives you to experiment. "As I develop my macramé skills I love challenging myself and making what I consider bohemian styled pieces that are a bit more 'wild'!".

With a business to run, you think constantly coming up with creative ideas would be difficult for Zedenius, but she says it is quite the opposite. "It's actually been a non-issue for me because I decided to put my designs up for sale and make the pieces as orders came in. I would say my problem was rather how to find time to make all the new design ideas that I had in mind when I had a lot of orders? One thing I am sure of though, I will always make time to experiment every now and then."

So now you are as obsessed as we are, are there any final tips to bear in mind?  "Always cut your cords longer than you think you will need - there is nothing more annoying than when you run out of cord mid-way into your project! And macramé requires more material than you would think in the beginning."


Macramé: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home by Fanny Zedenius (Quadrille, £12.99) Photography © Kim Lightbody is available to order now 

[Image Credits: All images courtesy of Kim Lightbody Photography]

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