Hosting at Christmas time

If you’re hosting family and friends this Christmas then there are a few small tips and tricks that will make your life infinitely easier during this busy time.

From a couple of ideas to keep guests occupied to finishing touches to make their stay extra special, here are a few ways to take the stress out of hosting this Christmas.

Create a dreamy guest bedroom

White guest bedroom

When it comes to creating a space your guests will love to spend time in, take inspiration from boutique hotels. Along with the basics, such as fresh bedlinen and towels, some toiletries and a couple of bottles of water are great extras to add. Make sure there’s a blanket or throw, either on the foot of the bed, or in close proximity, so they have the option of an additional layer at night.

Add a little bit of festive magic

Two's Company

It is Christmas after all! If you’ve got the space for it then add a few Christmas decorations to your guest bedroom. From mini table-top trees to a string of fairy lights, your guests will appreciate the time you’ve taken to make their stay extra festive!


A little bit of down time

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 15.13.21

If you’re feeling the pressure of keeping everyone occupied throughout the waking hours, a few small additions to your guest bedroom can make all the difference. Ensure that there are a couple of books or magazines on the beside tables that you know your guests will like. Not only will this give them something to occupy their time (and free up some of yours) but it will also show the thought you’ve put into hosting them.


Make yourself at home


If you have people staying for more than one night, show them where the tea and coffee is and set aside a tin of biscuits or nibbles that they can help themselves to. Let them know that you’re happy for them to make themselves at home – they’ll feel more comfortable and you won’t have to be on constant tea duty for the duration of their stay.


Plan a few activities

Christmas cookies

It can be tricky to keep guests busy at all times, especially if you’re hosting friends or family for a few days. Plan a couple of activities that will work for everyone over the duration of their stay - they can be entirely optional but it’s always worth having something up your sleeve just in case! We love the idea of decorating Christmas biscuits or having a festive movie night.


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