Pantone colour of the year

Since the year 2000 colour experts Pantone have been releasing a Colour of the Year, influenced by fashion, design, interiors, travel and current socio-economic events.

In 2017 the Colour of the Year was Greenery – a vibrant, revitalising shade symbolising nature, mindfulness and new beginnings. Houseplants have seen a huge spurt in popularity over the last 18 months, as we fill our homes with greenery and there has been a definitely shift in interiors to decorating with rich, darker tones of green.

This year’s colour is proposing something a little different – say hello to 2018’s Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet, a vivid blue-based purple shade.


Pantone describe this shade as communicating ‘originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us towards the future’ while symbolizing ‘experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets’.


There’s no denying that Ultra-Violet is a bold hue – and one that may not be to everyone’s taste. We have scoured the web to find a few of our favourite interior schemes that are embracing this colour (and variants of) and making it work beautifully…

Bright and beautiful

Mikkel Vang

When it comes to embracing this vibrant shade, full marks go to this stunning space. The striking walls and bold colour scheme have been paired with traditional furniture which gives the space an eclectic feel – but works remarkably well.

Image credit: Mikkel Vang

Shades of Ultra-Violet


Using numerous hues of purple gives adds depth and interest to this room. The lilac walls are complemented by the soft furnishings and the throw in a deep, rich shade of purple makes brings the whole scheme together.

Image credit: Hillary Blinds

Warm and welcoming

Keepers Lodge Armchair

In this cosy living room purple has been used to create a warm and welcoming space. The colour works well with the subtle woodland theme running throughout the room and accents of yellow have been used to a pop of brighter colour.

Image credit: Dunelm


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