Week 2 of #31homeresolutions

Welcome to week 2 of #31homeresolutions!

Allow us to awaken your creativity this month with a new resolution each day for the month of January. Featuring inspiring updates for your mind, body and home, these should leave your home and mind-set for the rest of the year in a more positive place. You can see all our resolutions from week 1 here.

Ranging from simple tweaks to your daily routine to bigger goals such as planning your home projects for the year, be inspired by our #31homesresolutions.

We would love to see your take on all or any of the resolutions and at the end of the month, the best photo on Instagram using #31homeresolutions will win £100 to spend on achica.com

Organise your linen cupboard08

It’s so easy for you airing cupboard to become an untidy mess of towels, blankets and bedding sets. The new year is always a great time for a clear out and we have a few simple tips to help you make the most of the space you have:

Firstly, sort through everything you have in the cupboard. If you haven’t used it in a year then it’s time to bin it or, if it’s in good condition, donate to charity

Sort towels by size, colour or frequency of use – whatever works best for you

Store bed linen sets inside one of the pillow cases from the set – this will make it so much easier to find the whole set and also creates a really tidy cupboard.

Spend time with your favourite person09

There’s something so good for the soul about spending time with a close friend or loved one. If there’s someone you haven’t seen for a little while, invite them over for a post-Christmas catch up with tea and cake. If it’s someone you see every regularly, plan something fun that you both enjoy doing, turn off all your tech and just enjoy their company.

Rearrange a room10

There's no reason why giving a space in your home a new look has to mean replacing everything in there. A simple rearrange can make a world of difference. Make sure you map out and measure furniture before you start with the heavy lifting! Changing the position of the main item of furniture (a sofa or a bed) in a room will make a huge change to the look and feel of a space. Start there and then move on to smaller furniture, rugs and accessories.

Capture the moment11

Now that everyone takes photos on their phone it’s rare that we actually take the time to print them out and frame them. Go through all the photos you took over the festive period and print out your favourites for an album or to be framed.

Spruce up your bedroom12

A few small tweaks to your bedroom can make all the difference. Here are a few quick and easy ways to refresh your bedroom for the months ahead:

Clear the clutter – from drawers stuffed to bursting or a beside tablet that’s become overwhelmed with books, moisturiser and mugs, you’ll feel so much better simply having a good old clear out

Change your soft furnishings – you can completely change the look and feel of a room with a few simple changes; new bedding, cushions and curtains will instantly lift a room

A lick of paint – whether you paint the walls or wooden furniture, a change in colour palette will transform your space

Add some hygge to your home13

The cold weather will be about for a few more months so it’s not too late focus on making your home feel cosier. Soft furnishings are key to this – think cushions, wall hangings and blankets – and the more the merrier! Invest in a really good scented candle and then stock up on a few unscented pillar candles or tea lights to give you living room that lovely cosy glow.

Make time to read14

It’s so easy to get home and just put the television on. Break out of the habit and pick up that book or magazine you’ve been meaning to read. Turn off any tech, sit back and enjoy - the only thing with an on/off button you’re allowed to engage with is the kettle!

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