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Roger Lascelles

It’s over 21 years since Roger Lascelles came up with the idea of making clocks that follow the prevailing trends in interior design yet have a definite link to the past. Roger started out as an antiques dealer, so his experience and taste in vintage style clocks is impeccable. For example, a rusty-but-charming old tin clock from the 1930s, found in a Paris flea market, has been the inspiration for many of the clocks the brand designs with the ‘shabby chic’ look that is so in vogue today. Authentic-looking vintage château clocks sit alongside mirror-framed Manhattan show-stealers, with every style and design in between catered for.

The Roger Lascelles promotion at ACHICA starts at 6.30am Saturday 27th October and ends at 6.30am Tuesday 30th October
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